Why do you choose this course?

To whom it is addressed
The Master’s Degree in Management Engineering is addressed to students seeking to complement an in-depth knowledge in engineering with the ability to take strategic decisions and tackle organizational issues.

Learning objectives
The Course aims to develop the students’ entrepreneurial and managerial skills and to provide them with the ability to plan and manage complex systems. The Management Engineer is characterized by strong analytical and decision-making skills coupled by an open and multidisciplinary mindset.

Learning subjects
The Course covers a wide range of fields including technology, management, organization, entrepreneurship, economics and finance. Please see the detailed study plan below.

Learning methods
Traditional theoretical teaching is combined with executive seminars from prominent members of the business community and visits to leading companies of our region. Interactive teaching, project works and lab activities encourage students to work in teams and equip them with tools and methods to manage business challenges, identify solutions and effectively take decisions. Learning is envisaged in an international perspective. The environment is open to the contributions of
international scholars and students. Stages, internships and learning periods abroad are encouraged and assisted.

Why Management Engineering at the University of Bergamo?

The University of Bergamo offers full support to students during their entire course of study. 
Some of our prominent features are as follows:

  • The University is strongly linked to its territory and placed in an international context;
  • The Engineering campus is equipped with new facilities, classrooms and labs;
  • The faculty is young, very committed and at the forefront of research in the area of management of complex systems;
  • The Course holds an international DNA thanks to a large number of visiting professors from primary international universities;
  • Training activities are interactive and dynamic due to a favorable ratio between the number of professors and the number of students;
  • The strong links with the territory and business networks offer fast access to internships and job opportunities;
  • Students may carry out interdisciplinary exchanges within the broad array of subjects offered by the other six Departments of the University.